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Greetings from the ERG engineering and research group!

On this website you can find out about our development that describes a specific physical effect discovered by us.

The existence of such effect in nature was predicted by many scientists starting from the 18-th century. However, no one was able to prove it objectively - through mathematical calculations.
One of the most well-known interpretations of this effect is the hypothesis proposed by English scientist James Maxwell, who predicted the existence of the phenomenon or the effect for thermodynamics back in 1871. It is known now as "Maxwell's demon".

We have been able to prove the existence of this physical effect for hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.
On the basis of our discovery we have developed highly efficient methods of generating clean energy. You can find out about our developments in the Publications section.

Welcome to our website!


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ERG Headquarters are located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

German Treshchalov
Head of ERG
Email: erg@list.ru

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