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Prize for Uzbekistan inventors

The ERG [engineering and research group] that has received an European award is still looking for support in Uzbekistan.

A group of Uzbek scientists has won an international prize from the European Commission in the sphere of energy.

The ERG (engineering and research group) has been working on possibilities of generating energy not through conventional hydro-electrical stations which are based not on a strong current of water, but using the power of regular running water.

The engineering and research group believes that it is quite possible.

The scientists hope that once their invention is put into practical use it will help solve a number of energy and climate change issues.

According to Askar Jumanov, who took part in the Energy Globe Award ceremony in Brussels, if their ideas will find practical use, it will be possible to build small, cheap and mobile power stations in the place of conventional big dams.

The engineering and research group members are convinced that such small power stations would be as effective as big ones that require construction of big dams.

According to ERG members, they have been working on their idea for over two years, but, apart from financial problems, they are still facing other problems concerning their activity in Uzbekistan.

The group's activists say that the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan doubts their project.

According to the ERG, they have applied to official agencies several times but have not received any answers.

The success in the European Commission-organized contest has inspired the ERG members and the scientists hope that corresponding, authorized state agencies will cooperate with them.

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