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An Uzbek inventor gets a prestigious international prize

Uzbek inventor German Treshchalov has received a prestigious award in the area of environmental protection – the Energy Globe Award. Among other recipients this year was the founder of the Green Cross environmental group, former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.

Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso were among participants in the award ceremony at the European Parliament building in Brussels.

German Treshchalov of Uzbekistan has mathematically proven a way to produce energy with the use of special turbines without building dams.

This was the highest assessment so far given to this important invention in the field of using alternative sources of energy in conditions of current energy shortage.

However, German Treshchalov could not be present at the award ceremony. Askar Jumanov, who took part in the ceremony on his behalf, told Radio Liberty that Treshchalov was not able to be there himself because he had not received an exit visa from Uzbekistan's authorities.

Askar Jumanov: "When we were told that we won this contest, German Treshchalov did not have enough time to get an exit visa. I had such a permit and he asked me to go as his representative."

Radio Liberty: "It means that German Treshchalov was unable to take part in the conference and the award ceremony because he failed to get an exit visa. Why Treshchalov's invention has been recognized as important one?"

Askar Jumanov: "About 100 projects have been declared winners in this contest. Our project received an honorary certificate for Uzbekistan. The project is based on a special hydrodynamic effect that has been discovered by Treshchalov. We were selected as winners because we presented mathematical calculations proving that it can be put into practice.

Radio Liberty: "What can you tell us about Treshchalov's invention? How can it benefit the energy industry?"

Askar Jumanov: "It is of huge importance that this invention involves a special hydrodynamic effect. Instead of building conventional dams, our turbines can be installed on rivers or small channels and that would allow effective generation of energy."

Radio Liberty: "So you have proven that turbines can be built without dams?"

Askar Jumanov: "Absolutely right."

Radio Liberty: "How realistic is to introduce it into practical use?"

Askar Jumanov: "To put it in practice we will need big investment. Using turbines that do not require much workforce to build and huge investment, instead of dams that require much workforce and funding will be one of technologies of the future."

Radio Liberty: "Partially it has already been recognized as such. Are there other organizations apart from Energy Globe that are showing any interest?"

Askar Jumanov: "Energy Globe has opened big opportunities for us. We have met many European companies' representatives that are interested in developing alternative sources of energy. We have exchanged contacts with them. We will keep in touch with them. A company from the Netherlands has been showing particular interest in our project. Time will show."

Radio Liberty: "Has any interest been shown toward the project in Uzbekistan?"

Askar Jumanov: "As Uzbek citizens we are proud of our invention. After receiving the Energy Globe certificate we informed about that local media through the Internet and by phone. But they paid not attention. I thing that this recognition will serve as an incentive and authorities will be helping us in future."

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