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Uzbek scientists hope to improve their invention

Shokhrukh Khamro, Voice of America

Taking into account the constant rise in oil prices and increasing demand for this raw material, it is time to think about alternative sources of energy.

The countries that are main consumers of oil are spending billions of dollars to find cheap and green energy sources.

Recently, a group of Uzbek engineers has worked out a new way of generating energy with the use of water and won an international energy contest.

German Treshchalov is the head of the engineering and research group called ERG that focuses on developing alternative sources of energy.

According to German Treshchalov, they "opened a way of generating energy using regular running water which does not have to be under big pressure, and its practical use would allow to generate cheap electrical power."

Treshchalov has informed about his discovery Uzbekistan's and Russia's science academies, as well as Uzbekistan's responsible energy officials and concerned agencies in Kazakhstan.

"To improve the project we need a technological base, i.e. equipment, instruments and a laboratory for tests," the ERG head said.

The regional scientists' invention of a way to generate energy form water has won an international energy contest that was held recently in Brussels. The annual Energy Globe Award is held by the European Commission. This year the Uzbek inventors' project was selected out of 853 projects submitted to the commission.

Treshchalov says that to continue active scientific work the group needs funding and it intends to attract into Uzbekistan foreign organizations and investors. Talks are underway on this.

"But it is not simple to attract the attention of local media," Treshchalov said.

Because of the continuing growth in fuel prices, more attention is being paid all over the world to the development of an alternative energy industry. In Uzbekistan they have begun to generate energy from the sun. According to specialists, the country has a huge natural and scientific potential but lacks investment.

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